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Ganesh Puja items list

To perform Ganesh Chaturthi Puja following items need while performing the worship.


The Ganesh Chaturthi puja begins on the day of Bhadrapad Shudh Chaturthi and ends on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi in the Bhadrapada month (mid-August to mid-September). In Ganesh puja, rituals are strictly observed from the time of buying the clay idol to its immersion in water. Various samagri or Ganesh Chaturthi puja items are required for the worship of this deity.

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Items

Churang (Wooden stool)
Murti (idol of Lord Ganesh)
Sankh (conch shell)
Ghanta (brass bell)
Vastra (new clothes as part of the ceremony)

Decorative Ganesh Chaturthi puja Items

Rangoli colours such as ¼ each of gulal (pink powder), bukka (black), shendur (dark orange), which are made into a paste for making designs at the entrance of the house.
Toran (decorative door hanging).
Decorative cloth for covering the stool on which the idol is placed is needed essentially.
Flower garlands for decorating the idol are also needed for decoration purposes.
Various Ganesh Chaturthi puja items offered to Lord Ganesh
Moli (a red holy thread)
1/2 bow of kumkum (red powder used for vermilion)
Chandan (sandalwood powder)
Agarbatti and dhoop (thin and thick incense sticks)
Kapur (camphor)
15 tambulam (betel leaves with stem)
21 supari (betel nut)
Gud (jaggery)
8-10 tulasi patra (leaves of holy basil or tulsi)
Khadisakhar (1 bowl of sugar)
21 durva ( 3 blades of grass)
1 attar (perfume bottle)
1 bowl of panchamrit (curd, milk, sugar, ghee, and honey) for bathing the idol.
1 Plate of Maha Naivedya: Modak, Regular Food cooked in the house. Any one kind of sweet of your choice. E.g. Pedhe / Barphi / Ladu / Kheer etc.

Assortment of Fruits, Flowers, and Nuts

5 types each of banana, apple, mango, orange, grapes, peach, and pear.
5 nariyal (coconuts with water).
20-30 marigold, rose etc.
10 Pancha Khadya (cashews, almonds, dry dates, pistachio, and resins).

Utensils Needed For the Puja

2 steel or silver plates (one for Aarti and the other for holding puja items).
A bowl (1/2 gallon for holding water).
1 stainless steel water jug (1/2 gallon).
2 steel/copper bowls (for ghee and oil).
Brass lamp (samai) needed for Aarti.
2 copper pots for rice and holy water (kalash).
Copper plates and spoons for eating and drinking (Panchpatra & Pali).
Worship of Lord Ganesh is done with all the above-mentioned Ganesh Chaturthi puja items. All these items should be bought well ahead so that the ceremony can proceed smoothly from commencement.


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