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The story of Lord Ganesha and the broken tusk

lord ganesh story- broken tusk

The story of Lord Ganesha and the broken tusk is a popular tale from Hindu mythology that illustrates Lord Ganesha’s wisdom and devotion. According to the story, one day Lord Ganesha was asked to transcribe the great epic poem Mahabharata, which is said to contain over 100,000 verses. Lord Ganesha agreed, but only on the condition that he be allowed to write uninterrupted.

As Lord Ganesha began to lord ganesh broken tusk storytranscribe the poem, he realized that the task was far more daunting than he had anticipated. The verses were flowing out of the sage Vyasa’s mouth at an incredible pace, and Lord Ganesha was struggling to keep up.

At one point, his pen broke, and he had nothing to write with. Lord Ganesha realized that he had a difficult choice to make: he could either stop transcribing the poem, or he could find another way to continue.

Without hesitation, Lord Ganesha broke off one of his tusks and began to use it as a pen. He continued to transcribe the poem until it was complete, never once complaining or faltering.

lord ganesh borken tusk story

The broken tusk is now considered to be a symbol of sacrifice and devotion. It is said to represent Lord Ganesha’s willingness to give up something valuable for a greater purpose, and his unwavering dedication to his duties.

The story of Lord Ganesha and the broken tusk is often cited as an example of Lord Ganesha’s wisdom and intelligence. It teaches us that even in the face of adversity, we should never give up, but instead find creative solutions to overcome our challenges. It also reminds us of the importance of sacrifice and devotion in achieving our goals.

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