Ganesha Strotram

Ganesh Story

Once, Lord Ganesha was invited to a grand feast hosted by a rishi (sage). The rishi prepared many delicious dishes, and Lord Ganesha ate to his heart’s content. After the feast, Lord Ganesha got up to leave, but found that his stomach had become too heavy for him to move.

The rishi realized Lord Ganesha’s predicament and offered him a remedy to ease his discomfort. The rishi suggested that Lord Ganesha should roll in the nearby river to alleviate his heavy belly. Lord Ganesha, with the rishi’s help, rolled into the river and immediately felt lighter.

From that day on, the rishi declared that whoever ate too much food should roll in the river to ease their discomfort. This story is often told to emphasize the importance of moderation and not overindulging in food. It also teaches us to be mindful of the consequences of our actions and to seek help when needed.

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