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ganesh story - kartikeayn and ganesh race story

As indicated by Hindu folklore, there is a tale about Ruler Ganesh and his more youthful sibling Kartikeya (otherwise called Skanda or Murugan) where Kartikeya went for a race around the earth.

Once, Ruler Shiva and Parvati chose to hold a rivalry between their two children, Master Ganesh and Kartikeya, to figure out who was the more intelligent and quicker of the two. They reported that the victor of the race around the earth would be announced the champ of the opposition.

story of ganesh and kartikeya raceKartikeya took off immediately on his peacock to circumnavigate the globe. Ruler Ganesh, who was known for his insight instead of his actual strength, picked an alternate procedure. He simply declared himself the competition’s winner by going three times around his parents, Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Lord Ganesh responded, “My parents are my world, and by going around them, I have completed the task of going around the world,” when asked how he could claim to have won the race without having traveled around the globe.

Lord Shiva and Parvati chose Lord Ganesh as the winner of the competition because they were impressed by his wit and intelligence. After traveling the globe, Kartikeya came back to find that Lord Ganesh had already been declared the winner. Kartikeya was pleased to see his brother’s intelligence and wisdom despite the fact that they had lost the race.

This tale demonstrates Lord Ganesh’s intelligence and the fact that he is frequently regarded as the one who removes obstacles and imparts wisdom. It also stresses the significance of being devoted to one’s parents and how they ought to be regarded as the people in one’s life who matter the most.

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