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The Story of Lord Ganesha and the Horse’s Head

lord ganesha story- horse head

Once, Lord Shiva had entrusted Lord Ganesha with the duty of guarding his palace while he was away. One day, when Lord Ganesha was on duty, a handsome horse walked past him. Mesmerized by the horse’s beauty, Lord Ganesha asked the horse to stay back and serve him.


The horse, however, refused to serve Lord Ganesha and instead mocked him, saying that he was not fit to ride a horse. Angry and hurt, Lord Ganesha cursed the horse to lose his handsome features and be transformed into a monster.

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Later, Lord Shiva returned and was saddened to see the horse transformed into a monster. To make amends, Lord Shiva granted the monster a boon that whoever saw him would attain knowledge and wisdom. Lord Ganesha was then ordered to cut off the horse’s head and replace it with that of an elephant’s head.

Thus, Lord Ganesha came to be known as the one with the elephant’s head, and the horse monster’s curse became a blessing for all those who seek knowledge and wisdom. This story emphasizes the importance of humility and respecting others, even those who are seemingly inferior.

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