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Heavy downpour in Raigad: Damage to the idol-making business

25-Jul-2023 :The ongoing heavy downpour in Raigad district has caused significant damage to the idol-making business in parts of Pen. Hundreds of Ganesh idols, both large and small, were severely damaged by the floods, leading to a loss of over 10 lakh rupees. The affected idols will now be immersed in the creek as they have lost their propitiousness. The heavy rain, along with high tide, resulted in damage to a large number of Ganesh idols that were nearing completion for the upcoming Ganesh festival. Hamrapur hamlet, specifically Johe, Kalawe, and Tambadshet villages in Pen, witnessed hundreds of idols submerged in knee-deep water for three days. The flooding, which occurred from 19th to 21st July, caused damage to 500-600 idols. Despite efforts by villagers to save as many idols as possible by shifting them to safer locations, the damage was significant. Some of the affected idol makers shared their losses, with one reporting a loss of around 6-7 lakhs and another suffering a loss of Rs. 5 lakhs. The idol makers are now considering using alternative materials like POP (Plaster of Paris) to meet the increased demand and mitigate their losses.

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